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Logicalis & NetApp

Logicalis is proud to be one of NetApp’s select group of European Star Partners; enabling us to provide the highest levels of consulting, design, implementation, support and supply of Managed and Cloud Services for our customers across Europe.  Logicalis is also one of Cisco and NetApp’s leading FlexPod partners.

At the heart of the Logicalis and NetApp relationship, is our aim to maximise the value our customers realise from the adoption of NetApp infrastructure and solutions.

As the growth in data increases across all organisations, so does its potential to drive real business value, allowing organisations to build invaluable views of its customers, transform internal business insights to drive new business processes, and with a new world of smart connected devices (IoT) to create new revenue streams, new government services, and even new industries. 

The value of data is increased by enabling it to be used in a multitude of different ways and by different parts of an organisation. Data should be made available to existing and newly developed applications, as well as applications in development. It needs to be available and always secure, whether it’s located On Premise, in a Managed Services environment, or hosted in a Hybrid or Public Cloud.

New European Data Legislation places a significant emphasis on data management, to ensure it’s secure to the assurance of ever stringent jurisdictional requirements; an area where Logicalis and NetApp, with Data Fabric, has a leading enablement capability.

Logicalis’ emphasis, and our long-standing and award winning relationship with NetApp, is not simply to help our customers store more data, but to help them realise its benefit to all parts of an organisation.

  • NetApp International Star Partner Status
  • European NetApp Cloud Services
  • NetApp Managed Services (On Premise and Hosted in Logicalis UK Data Centres)
  • FlexPod Solutions and Managed Services (Cisco Networking, Compute, NetApp Storage)


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