We are the architects of change.

We help our customers navigate change, to maximise their technology investments in this fast-moving, ever-changing rollercoaster of a digital world. As architects of change, we use our industry knowledge and technical expertise to bring our customers’ visions to life and accelerate their business transformation goals.

We believe digital transformation is a journey, not a destination – and we’re in it for the long haul with our customers. Like all great architects, we are natural problem solvers. We use our experience to create roadmaps and build strategic solutions that unlock new possibilities and contribute to ongoing, long-term success.

Hundreds of leading organisations trust us to provide their IT services, manage their infrastructure, and play a pivotal role in their digital transformation. We deliver best-in-class solutions that continually create value for our customers and adapt to meet their changing business needs.

Our strategic partners include some of the world’s leading technology companies such as Cisco and IBM, and we have a comprehensive portfolio of strategic and innovative ecosystem partners.

Some of the key areas we focus on with our customers include:

Adaptable Digital Platforms

Infrastructure must match an organisation's pace of change, without compromising security or sacrificing reliability. Our Adaptable Digital Platforms (ADP) provide the agility demanded by digital transformation, via software-defined technologies, automation, and our 'lifetime value' services. 

Internet of Things

Interpreting data from different areas of customers' lives enables organisations to provide new services, gain new insights, and streamline or automate operations. We help organisations overcome the complexity of IoT ecosystems, to become more responsive, intelligent, and connected.

Data-Driven Business

Data, when used effectively, is an organisation's most valuable asset. By guiding our customers through their entire data lifecycle - from point of capture to storage, governance, and analysis - we help them move to fact-based decision-making, improving business speed, responsiveness and efficiency. 

Why Logicalis? 

We support our customers through three phases of digital transformation:

  1. Advise - We work closely with our customers from the outset to truly understand their desired destination. We then advise them on the best route to get there. 
  2. Adopt - Once the roadmap, platforms, and technologies are agreed, we help our customers adopt the new solutions, so they can realise the value of their investment by capitalising on the benefits of today's software-defined digital platforms. 
  3. Adapt - At the point of 'go live', we shift into adapt mode. Gone are the days of coping with a depreciating network until the next business cycle; today's software-defined networks grow and flex with business needs. We're with our customers every step of the way, through every twist and turn, to ensure they remain agile and are constantly moving toward their goal. And if that goal moves, we'll adapt, together. 

Our Vision & Mission

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Our Capabilities

Logicalis provides an end-to-end ICT delivery capability founded on a superior breadth of knowledge and expertise.

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Logicalis UK Ltd formed in 1988 as Logical Networks Ltd, a UK based networking integrator.

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Information about Logicalis' annual review.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Logicalis aims to be an employer of choice: attracting, developing and retaining the best people.

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International Presence

Headquartered in the UK, Logicalis designs, builds and supports ICT solutions for customers throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia Pacific.

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