Chief Executive Officer's Review

Mark Rogers

By standing back and considering what is really happening across the IT landscape today, it is hard to deny the foundation for the digital future predicted only ten years ago is looking ever more expansive in its reach and coherence. With cloud at its core, accelerating the IT giants Amazon and Microsoft to $1 trillion valuations, a hyper-connected world is no longer the futurist’s impossible fantasy. Today it’s the platform into which organisations across the public and private domains, large and small, increasingly plug themselves in pursuit of innovation, scale and efficiency.

At Logicalis, we have always understood the importance of connectivity through the network, to enable the flow of data that today powers every business and underpins every service provider. And like all businesses in our sector, we invest time and resource in understanding how we must evolve to ensure we remain relevant to our clients and significant to our vendor partners. Logicalis is responding to the needs of customers across several technology domains that we have identified as being of strategic importance to both them and us – and important because of being able to address customers’ business priorities in areas such as risk and compliance, operational costs, data governance and innovation.

Connectivity from the ever-widening network remains critically important. As more organisations embrace the benefits of a hybrid cloud, there is a growing need to reduce the complexity of connecting their IT operations to it.

While many organisations are consuming compute services from a hybrid cloud state, the challenge is in managing and integrating cloud solutions with internal IT systems and practices. As a cloud orchestrator, we advise our customers on the best strategy to match their particular business and risk profile.

Connectivity to the cloud also underpins the increasingly clear business case for IoT solutions that will be soon be the norm rather than a novelty.

We are helping businesses in all industries that want to take advantage of IoT or better utilise analytics. We have delivered industry expertise and solutions for healthcare in telemedicine and secure patient data; in government projects such as smart cities and waste management; and in manufacturing for fleet management and preventive maintenance, as just a few examples.

IoT solutions can have real business impact. The connected devices can play a role in your business and drive transformation, gathering data for real-time analysis from sensors, medical devices, applications, mobile devices, machines, robots and many other sources. Our role is to bring the expertise necessary to connect devices and things to each other and also to IoT and data management platforms, visualisation and analytics engines, while helping to identify the right platform to configure, manage, and capture data.

With the burgeoning mass of information that organisations want to structure, store and manage, Logicalis works with a wide range of organisations to ensure data governance and management solutions are deployed effectively.

Across this evolving technology landscape, the growing spectre of either the theft of data, or a breach of regulation relating to its security, has meant that the robustness and resilience of IT architecture grows with importance every day.

The sheer quantity of security solutions available in the market is causing some organisations to struggle. Choosing the right technologies can be quite a daunting task, so by aligning with industry standard security frameworks combined with our own thought leadership, we are helping our customers select and implement solutions that are most effective at addressing real world security challenges. We are creating a true architectural approach that provides tighter integration across solutions.

But the future re-writes our customers’ requirements constantly and at Logicalis we strive to maintain our relevance to our customers as they look to their most trusted partners to support them in navigating change. That is why we are accelerating our development capabilities at the programmatic level across an increasingly software defined infrastructure. We are constantly evolving both our own in-house development capability and maturing our ecosystems of specialist partners to ensure our capabilities remain both flexible to meet our customers changing needs, and highly skilled to ensure service excellence in everything we do.

Customers’ networks need the ability to connect to more devices securely, supporting business optimisation through the utilisation of data generated by those devices. Understanding how to modernise applications, communication and mobility tools and IT operations is critical to customer success. From initial planning through to final execution, we have a focused approach and collaborative mindset to plug directly into our customers’ ecosystems to drive their businesses forward.

In order to evolve with our customers, we must listen to them and respond. From our sixth annual Logicalis Global CIO Report 2018, of almost 850 CIOs around the world, we have learned that their role is shifting to a more strategic focus and opening up opportunities for innovation. Today, 94% of these IT leaders spend between 10% and 50% of their time on innovation and other strategic activities.

CIOs’ success in taking on a more strategic role appears to be enabling new, more agile and adaptable approaches to organisational innovation. The way organisations think about innovation is changing, with strategies for innovation now most commonly about enabling small scale, everyday experimentation. In the CIO Survey 2018, over a third (34%) of organisations now take that approach, with the large scale projects that once dominated now accounting for less than a quarter (23%).

To capitalise on this strategic focus, we have enhanced our global customer feedback programme. This is one of several initiatives to be implemented in FY20 that establishes closer connections and alignment with our customers.

We are also establishing Customer Advisory Boards to share our strategy and receive direct feedback. This is a significant step in building more direct and trustworthy relationships with our customers.

Logicalis continues to build strong relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors and service partners. Its strategy of building strong customer intimacy continues to enable Logicalis to grow its relationships and solution and service engagements with existing clients.

Logicalis has a historically strong relationship with Cisco, obtained Global Gold status in FY18 and was recertified in FY19. During FY19, we were recognised with several partner awards.

Those highlighting our strategic focus include accolades in the following territories:

– Logicalis Australia was awarded CRN’s Impact Award, for Modernising Enterprise Infrastructure

– Logicalis Europe was awarded the Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year – Global in Engineered Systems

– Logicalis US received the Cisco Architectural Excellence Partner of the Year for Security

– Logicalis Asia was awarded Cisco ASEAN Security Partner of the Year

– Logicalis Latin America claimed the Microsoft Modern Workplace Transformation Award and was named Cisco Digital Transformation Partner of the Year

No company in today’s evolving technical landscape can claim all skills to address all challenges. At Logicalis our strength continues to be that we know our own strengths and focus on delivering excellence against our customers’ expectations. By ensuring we remain committed to understanding our place in the IT value chain and aligning strategically to those vendor partners that we believe have the strongest market propositions for the future needs of our customers, we will remain a trusted and highly regarded IT solutions and service provider.