Rapid Support Services

Logicalis UK has mobilised our specialist teams to provide assistance to our customers as they deal with a range of pressing challenges both in the short term and in the coming months. To ensure we can address these challenges, we have implemented Rapid Support Services designed to support your remote workforce, maintain security and infrastructure readiness, and provide supplemental IT support. All services are designed to be delivered remotely by an experienced Logicalis Engineer.

Networking & Security

Remote Worker Access at Scale: We can examine existing configurations and policies, and scale for anticipated workload, risks, and monitoring. Free advisory and adoption planning for Cisco VPN offers.

Remote Worker Security: We can ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to support a highly remote workforce. Free advisory and adoption planning for Cisco security offers.

Collaboration preparedness for remote users, quickly deploying and supporting a range of collaboration tools – Office 365, Citrix Cloud Desktop and Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Security Incident Response and Managed Security Services: We will support you in responding to a range of security incidents and provide augmented staff support for your security infrastructure.

SD-WAN Overlay Services: Provide rapid operational overlay on existing SD-WAN ready infrastructure.

Network Identity and Assurance Services: Rapid and remote deployment of Cisco ISE and DNAC assurance tools to improve network security and quickly enable fault troubleshooting and resolution.

Secure File Transfer: Rapid deployment of IBM Aspera Secure File Transfer to leverage their free temporary offer on enterprise-grade secure file transfer technology.

Business Critical Applications and Resource Capacity

Business Critical Application Monitoring: Rapidly deploy business-critical application monitoring service to help ensure performance of applications your business and customers are depending on most, and aid in troubleshooting to resolve outages faster.

Data Centre and Cloud Resource Recovery: Help you mitigate capacity constraints of internal or cloud resources due to delayed expansion projects or cloud service provider restrictions. 

Cloud Storage Expansion: Help you easily extend on-site enterprise storage into public cloud providers to free up internal resource for business-critical applications.

Business Planning and Analytics Support

Business Planning and Modelling: Rapid deployment of business planning and analytics tools and methodologies, and support in loading data and pre-built dashboards.

Planning Analytics Shadow Finance Modelling: Our team of finance planning experts can mobilise to help your finance team model to give you the insights you need to operate your business over the next few months.

Enhanced Cognos Analytics:  We can enable our customers to take advantage of the IBM 3-month FoC upgrade to Enhanced Cognos licensing and advanced analytics.

Cisco Support Coverage and Contract Support

Cisco Support Coverage Assessment: A FoC assessment to help our customers consolidate contracts, reduce support costs, simplify the number of support contracts, and ensure our customers' estate is fully covered at a time when the network has never been so important to business operations.

Cisco Service First Contract: With no obligation, Logicalis specialists can review your current support landscape & help to advise and ensure that your critical infrastructure is fully optimised and capable of meeting the demands of an agile business environment.