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Realtime Generation Report

This annual survey positions our Realtimers as the Generation of Things; a digital-first group of consumers, in control of data security and privacy, ready to shape the Internet of Everything. Sharing concerns, aspirations and expectations for their digital future, the findings pose some big questions for the UK...

Realtime Generation Report 2016

The digital transformation of UK plc and the public sector will empower us to live better, healthier, smarter lives. But whose insights and experiences are informing digital strategy?

Realtime Generation 2016 Infographic

We are The Realtime Generation. We are instinctively digital. We are digitally literate. The Realtime Generation are digital creators, collaborators, consumers and content makers... Are you ready for us?

Report Archives

Realtime Generation Report 2014/2015

A digitally-driven, data-centric world is not science fiction for our Realtimers; they expect to be coding at work, controlling homes remotely and for delivery drones, 3D printing and connected cars to be the norm in 10 years time.

Realtime Generation Report 2013

The Realtime Generation (Realtimers) survey seeks to establish the digital footprint of today's 13-17 year olds, and capture their opinions on the digital future of the UK.

Realtime Generation 2013 Infographic

Is the UK ready for the digital first era? What is the digital footprint of the nation's 13-17 year olds, and how will this connected generation – the next influx of students, workers and voters - impact the UK economy?