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Building an effective digital business strategy

The world has become a digital hub. From retail to banking to higher education, consumers now demand seamless digital interactions as a minimum. Indeed, the majority (84%) of consumers expect brands to adopt new digital solutions in the next year. Businesses can’t afford to ignore customer demands for a digitally enhanced offering and must establish their own digital strategy to create a competitive advantage through technology.

Has cybersecurity become too complex to manage alone?

As businesses rise to meet the challenge of the always on digital workspace, the pressure on IT staff is growing. With more people working from home and using their personal devices, businesses are exposed to greater levels of risk. Indeed, given that 91% of all cyberattacks originate with email, it’s critical for businesses to balance the need for empowering employees in their work lives, whilst mitigating security risks that this way of working presents.

Trust no one – the rise of Zero Trust

Zero Trust is very topical and most IT vendors and analysts will tell you it’s something that you need to address. So, what is Zero Trust, why is it better and how to you build it?

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