Logicalis UK enhances its integrated IoT offering with addition of new specialist team

Slough, UK – September 23, 2019 – Logicalis, the Global IT solutions and managed services provider, has announced a significant strengthening of its IoT capabilities after taking over the Cisco-focused Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) team from Hopf Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, a specialist service provider in the Industrial Ethernet and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The addition of Hopf’s German-based team will bolster Logicalis UK’s IT and OT capabilities, making it the only UK Cisco partner able to offer an integrated IT and OT service. 

This strategic move strengthens Logicalis’ commitment to delivering future-ready platforms, networking and connectivity to customers. With the support of this new team, Logicalis UK is now able to offer an integrated IT and OT approach to manufacturing and automotive businesses which will allow them to break down the barriers to successfully digitising and automating the factory environment and embrace the age of the digital factory. 

“With such colossal differences, it’s often difficult to get IT and OT to work together and consider each other’s business needs,” said Alex Louth, UK Managing Director of Logicalis. “If the two can unify, there are real savings and improvements to be had, in terms of efficiencies, data and business insight, cost reductions and productivity. We’re confident that by collaborating with the team from Hopf we’re able to deliver a service that isn’t readily available elsewhere.” 

The amassed knowledge of both IT and OT networks makes Logicalis UK uniquely equipped to offer an all in one service to new customers, as well as building foundations for additional services and solutions once their network is in place. In turn this provides unparalleled value for Logicalis’ customers, who previously would have to consult several partners to manage their IT and OT solutions. 

“Many Cisco partners offer IT or OT services, but none cater to both. There’s a serious gap in the market as a result,” continued Alex Louth. “With the new Cisco industrial networking experts in the family we’re now able to capitalise on that market opportunity. While the market works on fleshing out its integrated knowledge, we can approach customers to confidently build an integrated IT and OT network. In turn, this allows us to broaden our customer base and begin working with specialist partners within manufacturing and industry.”


About Logicalis

Logicalis is an international multi-skilled solution provider providing digital enablement services to help customers harness digital technology and innovative services to deliver powerful business outcomes.

Our customers span industries and geographical regions; and our focus is to engage in the dynamics of our customers’ vertical markets; including financial services, TMT (telecommunications, media and technology), education, healthcare, retail, government, manufacturing and professional services, and apply the skills of our 6,000 employees in modernising key digital pillars; data centre and cloud services, security and network infrastructure, workspace communications and collaboration, data and information strategies, and IT operation modernisation.

We are the advocates for our customers for some of the world’s leading technology companies including Cisco, HPE, IBM, CA Technologies, NetApp, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and ServiceNow.

The Logicalis Group has annualised revenues of $1.7 billion, from operations in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. It is a division of Datatec Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with revenues of over $4.3 billion.

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