SAS is a provider of analytics software covering a broad range of solutions to enable all types of organisations including private and public sector organisations to transform data into insights and actions.

SAS has the power to analyse past and current data as well as make predictions on future occurrences.  



SAS and Logicalis

Logicalis have a strategic partnership with SAS , offering our clients the benefits of the experience and expertise we have to the extensive support we can get. Logicalis together with SAS can offer solutions that solve complex business issues facing businesses today.

Utilisation of products such as SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Visual Analytics has allowed us to deliver analytics and predictions that give insights by discovering patterns and predicting the peaks or problems yet to be discovered.

Whilst SAS products can be used to solve a variety of problems, the suite includes generic and purpose built tools. Our team of consultants work directly with SAS having knowledge of the latest tools and techniques used to solve complex problems.

Logicalis have a dedicated Information Insights team with whom clients have begun their journey of analytics through support, training and ‘the power to know’, SAS.

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