CIO Report 2017!

Here at Logicalis we have once again conducted our annual Global CIO Survey for 2017 – 2018, with 890 CIOs across 23 countries sharing their insights.

The big themes emerging from this year’s survey are: Simplify, Secure and Engage, each has its part to play in your businesses digital transformation. Have a look as well at our infographic that higlights the key findings of teh report.

Digital ambition versus digital reality

The survey tells a story of real digital ambition amongst CIOs, but of limited progress in delivering digital transformation.  To use tech adoption bell curve terminology, only 5% of respondents call their organisations digital innovators right now, while 49% characterise their organisations as part of an early majority. 

Simplify - For almost half (44%) of respondents to this year’s CIO survey, complex legacy technology is the chief barrier to digital transformation. 

Secure - It’s no great surprise to see security high on the CIO agenda given the nature of the cyber threat landscape with (31%) seeing increased security investment as crucial to digital transformation - and not just to weathering the next cyber threat storm.

Engage - Perhaps most interesting, CIOs (56%) see organisational culture as a key barrier to digital transformation.  That is, legacy technology brings with it a legacy relationship between business and technology, a ‘separateness’ that is incompatible with a digital model that puts technology at the heart of every aspect of the business.

We hope you find our CIO report 2017 as insightful as we did. To download your copy, please complete the form on the opposite.