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Cloud Solutions

Cloud is fast becoming the dominant IT model delivering the choice, efficiency and flexibility to match the changing business needs and support rapid growth. However it also needs to be delivered with enterprise grade reliability, governance of corporate data and strong security controls. 

Our experience with Private, Hosted, Hybrid and Public clouds ensure you receive a secure, agile, scalable and highly available environment, whilst conforming to the strictest security standards, regardless of the location your systems operate. 

Talk to us about choosing the right combination to deliver on your business requirements and deliver the best benefits.

Business Benefits:

  • Flexible and agile
  • Secure and reliable
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Predictable cost model
  • Confidence in the availability of core workloads & applications
Your cloud migration strategy starts here

Your cloud migration strategy starts here

Wherever you are on your journey, Thomas Duryea Logicalis can provide the recommendations to get you to the next stage. 

Where to next on your journey? Well it all depends on your starting point, at Thomas Duryea Logicalis we’ve worked with customers at all stages of maturity and can help them get to the next step. 

Are you are curious, not sure where to start but you’d like to start moving workloads? 

In which case let’s start with our readiness assessment. It’s repeatable, consistent and will deliver you answers to three key questions. 

  1. How much its really going to cost – this is a real cost based on our experience with scores of customer over a number of years 
  2. Your migration strategy - Here’s what you need to do to get to the Cloud   
  3. What roadblocks am I likely to encounter, having worked with customers of varying levels of size and maturity we have overcome many common roadblocks and can help remove these upfront. 

Get in touch today to begin our readiness assessment and see how we can help you on your way.