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Jisc Framework

As Universities look to differentiate themselves with digital experiences, the role of the network has become integral to all aspects of campus learning and life. But, as the number of devices on campus increases, as IoT becomes mainstream, and as applications and data are moved to the cloud, the network now defines the edge to application digital experience. And, the network is always changing…

With over 20-years of experience partnering with some of the UK’s most progressive higher education institutions, and as one of only a handful of Cisco Global Gold partners, we are passionate about helping Universities in the UK be the best digital service providers in the world.

Working through the Jisc framework, our three-stage approach of "Advise, Adopt, Adapt" will help buyers maximise their investments in their infrastructure across the lifetime of the network platform. 

Why Logicalis?

Logicalis has over 20 years of experience of consulting with and supporting leading University and Research customers across the UK.

  • Can direct-award any Cisco network service or solution without the need for further competition
  • One of only 5 Cisco Global Gold partners world-wide
  • 80% of quote requests will be processed within 3 working hours
Cisco Solutions & Services

Cisco Solutions & Services

Logicalis is delighted to announce that we have been named the #1 Supplier for the Lot 3 - Cisco - Network Equipment Framework Agreement. This continues our nearly two-decade strategic partnership, engagement, and support of the Higher Education (HE) and Research sector with Jisc. In this time, we have developed a good synergy with the needs and challenges of the sector. This pedigree, combined with our drive to innovate and invest in sector-specific solutions, has established us as one of the most important suppliers of critical IT services to UK HE today. 

These initiatives include the creation of the first service provider data centre natively connected to the Janet network, 8 years of our Real Time Generation Survey which was recently used by the BBC, the deployment of the sector's first hybrid cloud solution using Janet as the delivery method, and the first campus-wide Software-Defined Networking architecture at the University of Derby. 

The scope of the agreement covers the supply and support of a broad range of wired and wifi network equipment including:

It also covers converged network adapters, interface modules, transceivers, access points, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) products and associated ancillary goods and services including software, cabling and installation.

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