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Software-Defined Access

Imagine a world where IT have the time and freedom to innovate instead of being mired down with hundreds of end-user issues on a daily basis. Where they could provide access instantly for any user or device to any application - without compromise.

Software-Defined Access (SDA) is the industry’s first intent-based networking solution for the Enterprise, built on the principles of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA). SDA provides automated end-to-end segmentation to separate user, device, and application traffic without redesigning the network. SDA automates user access policies so organizations can make sure the right policies are established for any user or device with any application across the network. This is accomplished with a single network fabric across LAN and WLAN which creates a consistent user experience anywhere without compromising on security.

Business Benefits:

  •  Consistent management of wired and wireless network provisioning and policies

  • Automated network segmentation and group-based policy

  • Contextual insights for fast issue resolution and capacity planning

  • Open and programmable interfaces for integration with third-party solutions

Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Businesses are facing a perfect storm of threats; underfunded and overworked IT teams are supporting more devices than ever before on aging and under-delivering networks. Users have increasing reliance on line-of-business applications, and as a result, demand unprecedented levels of access. The rise of shadow IT shows that users will often just circumvent policy if they believe IT cannot deliver what they need. 

With an ever-increasing attack surface and an ever-decreasing budget, IT departments are more and more looking towards automation to give them much-needed time back in their day. But manually configured networks and fragmented tools can make automation difficult, if not impossible without a network of APIs. All of this combines to give a dire picture of the current state of most IT functions within a business: a fundamental misalignment between IT and the business results in an infrastructure at breaking point.

95% of network changes are manual in nature, 70% of policy violations are due to human error, and 75% of OpEx spend is on network visibility and troubleshooting. With statistics like that, it's little wonder that IT departments are often seen as costing more than they deliver to the business. But it shouldn't, and doesn't have to, be that way. 

SDA uses a fabric-layer controller to support mobility, segmentation, and programmability at very large scale. Separation of the control plane reduces complexity and improves scale and convergence over traditional networking techniques. Logicalis uses Cisco SDA to enable key capabilities such as host mobility, Layer 2 and 3 segmentation, and wireless integration. We can also help your business enable application recognition, and traffic analytics and prioritisation for optimum performance and operational effectiveness. 

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