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Software-Defined Access

Imagine a world where IT have the time and freedom to innovate instead of being mired down with hundreds of end-user issues on a daily basis. Where they could provide access instantly for any user or device to any application - without compromise.

Software-Defined Access (SDA) is the industry’s first intent-based networking solution for the Enterprise, built on the principles of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA). SDA provides automated end-to-end segmentation to separate user, device, and application traffic without redesigning the network. SDA automates user access policies so organizations can make sure the right policies are established for any user or device with any application across the network. This is accomplished with a single network fabric across LAN and WLAN which creates a consistent user experience anywhere without compromising on security.

Business Benefits:

  •  Consistent management of wired and wireless network provisioning and policies

  • Automated network segmentation and group-based policy

  • Contextual insights for fast issue resolution and capacity planning

  • Open and programmable interfaces for integration with third-party solutions

Getting Started

Getting Started

At Logicalis, we have been enabling our customers to transform their networks for over 30 years, and we have developed a simple, yet effective, framework for ensuring our customers can move ahead with adaptable digital networks with confidence. 

Our half-day workshop provides a three-stage process which helps you evaluate where software-defined platforms can deliver benefits to your business, demonstrate the power of these platforms in action, and scope out where you could start your software-defined journey with minimal risk and disruption to your IT organisation and business. 

With research showing that over 1/3 of CIOs don't trust their current IT partner to deliver their software-defined network migration, Logicalis UK has developed a 3-stage methodology to ensure that the beginning of your journey is as successful and risk-free as possible. We have developed this proven approach to ensure that you can realise immediate and long-term benefits of software-defined platforms without disrupting your IT team or existing digital infrastructure or services. 

Underpinned by our 'Advise, Adopt, Adapt' Customer Success lifetime value model, this approach ensures that you can continually improve the business and IT value from your investment, and that the platform is as relevant to your digital business strategy in 5 years as it was the first day you implemented. 

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