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Advisory & Adoption Services

The key to any successful project is to know your starting point before you begin. Advisory Services will help to baseline your organisation and provide a realistic and holistic view about where you are today, and how technology can help to boost your competitive advantage and meet your business objectives. 

Using our unique 'Advise, Adopt, Adapt' framework, Logicalis' dedicated advisors will work with you to understand and address any compliance, security, and technological risks to your business and advise on the quickest route to success. From there, we will help your business 'adopt' a new way of working to ensure your business harnesses the full potential of your technology investments. Finally, we will be on hand to help your business 'adapt' to complex and changing environments and to ensure that your IT investments grow and flex with your business rather than restrain or hinder. 

Business benefits:

  • Protect access to data
  • Increase visibility within your environment
  • Support your security strategy
  • More time for your IT department
  • Safeguard company information
  • Protect your mobility


Traditional IT investment cycles are a roller coaster of costs and disappointment. Historically, the most relevant an IT investment will ever be is at the date of 'go-live'. From there, needs change and IT assets begin to shift away from business alignment, beginning an ever-increasing depreciation curve until the next refresh begins again. Aren't you tired of the whiplash from those ups and downs? 

At Logicalis, we don't see 'go live' as the moment our job is done - instead, it's the point where we begin to add real value; we shift into Adapt mode. Gone are the days of coping with a depreciating network until the next business cycle; today's software-defined networks grow and flex with business needs. We're with our customers every step of the way, through every twist and turn, to ensure they remain agile and are constantly moving toward their goal. And if that goal moves, we'll adapt, together.