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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - AI - is the latest hype in data insights everyone is talking about. It promises to shrink the gap between customer data and actionable insight, providing a strong competitive advantage to businesses that choose to invest in it.

With AI in the spotlight, it is important to understand what’s possible beyond the hype. An AI solution will build on an existing data offering where data quality and governance are already established business processes. You can reap benefits beyond dashboards and business intelligence, by generating new insights and identifying patterns which were previously unattainable, to unlock additional value for your business.

Logicalis offer a range of vendor neutral solutions, and work with carefully selected partners to offer the most relevant products and platforms for you, catering from small to enterprise solutions, local to cloud. 

Business Benefits:

  • Correlate patterns across disparate sources to uncover unique insight
  • Range of predictive techniques, with confidence values clearly available
  • Deliver more, faster, from less 
  • Take advantage of cloud processing to analyse vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently
  • Offer a highly personalised customer experience
AI for your Business

AI for your Business

What does AI mean for your business?

With AI being mentioned across all platforms and rapidly gaining momentum, it can be challenging to have a clear understanding of what it is, and what it can do for your business. 

It is important to clarify what it is not to avoid any confusion. More specifically:

AI is still very much in its infancy and constantly changing, with a variety of companies competing with their own ranges of platforms and solutions.  A young market like this often lacks in standardisation and transparency, something that can leave a company exposed to a variety of risks.  That is why you need a highly qualified team, who operate at the leading edge of the market, making sure you get the most out of AI with the minimum of risk.

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