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Application Optimisation

Imagine if your applications always performed at their peak. Imagine if their underlying resources were continuously optimised, and if you could trace slow business transactions down to a single line of code... and if all of those applications ran on a secure, multi-cloud, adaptable digital platform. It’s time to stop imagining and start working with Logicalis and Cisco to make Application Optimisation your reality. 

Application Optimisation integrates the power of Cisco's AppDynamics with their Intersight Workload Optimizer (CIWO), creating an AIOps platform that employs pre-built AI algorithms to automate optimisation decisions within CIWO based on the context of the application performance, business transaction and user experience analytics from AppDynamics. The solution unifies and simplifies IT operations, DevOps and service management with a single platform controlling applications across cloud and data centre, physical, virtual and containerised resources and services, all governed by centralised policies. 

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provides the unified micro-segmentation fabric across clouds and data centres to connect and secure the communications between your application tiers and microservices. Cisco HyperFlex is the digital multi-tool for the data centre, providing high performance and capacity scale-out resource options that support physical, virtualised and containerised workloads, integrated into multi-clouds. 

  • Connect visibility of application performance to user experience and business transactions to drive better digital experiences 
  • Automatically save costs on multi-cloud deployments 
  • Automatically govern workloads on multi-cloud resources 
  • Securely connect workloads across multi-clouds controlled by a single policy 
  • Unify IT operations, DevOps, and service management teams with a single platform 
Adaptable Digital Platforms

Adaptable Digital Platforms

Adaptable Digital Platforms (ADP) are units of operational domains, built on software-defined infrastructures that include compute, storage, and networking across multi-clouds and data centres. The software-defined nature of these platforms makes them adaptable, enabling changes to be orchestrated as operational conditions or business requirements change. 

ADPs are built around a core set of multi-cloud capabilities covering application infrastructure (compute, storage, and network resources, plus platform and Kubernetes services), data management and security. We work with an ecosystem of vendors that includes Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Veeam and VMware. Our core ADP data centre solutions are built with Cisco ACI and HyperFlex technologies and our core ADP cloud solutions are built with Microsoft Azure services. 

Ensuring customer success with ADP has driven a new, agile approach to solution delivery: advise, adopt, adapt. The advisory approach ensures our customers are ready technically, operationally, and financially for transformation. The platform itself is rapidly delivered as a minimum viable platform to minimise disruption to the business and ease adoption of new working practices. The platform is then adapted over time to deliver incremental value and cater for continual change. This approach is how we help ensure customer success in executing a multi-cloud strategy.