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Industry 4.0 is the buzzword of the year for manufacturers, but is it just a flash in the pan, or is it here to stay? The merger of IT and OT promises to redefine the factory as we know it.
Delving deeper into what 'Industry 4.0' really means reveals some trends that are adding real value to the manufacturing industry and have staying power. While calling it the next Industrial Revolution might be an exaggeration, dismissing the concept as a fad would be foolish. Companies should be carefully evaluating the current state of their factories and how modernisation could improve conditions, output - and their bottom line. 

Business Benefits:

  • Allows for more accurate budget cycles
  • Improved quality and output
  • Increased security and reliability
  • Higher productivity and efficiency
Develop Your Mobility Framework

Develop Your Mobility Framework

The Logicalis Mobility Experience Framework

In order to manage all of the security and operational risks effectively, it’s important to address BYOD from beyond your enterprise network.

The Logicalis Mobility Experience is focused on enabling your IT department to evolve their role in providing mobile business strategies. It combines technologies from leading vendors to form a comprehensive, secure BYOD solution for your corporate network and beyond.

The Mobility Experience Framework is a clearly defined process which guides you through the technical, security and policy aspects that you need to consider when forming your own mobility strategy.

Logicalis facilitates dialogues between the different groups that need to be involved, and we guide you through the design and implement phases. We help you meet the high expectations of your users while achieving significant business benefits too. 

The 6 key aspects of the Framework:

Our consultative approach delivers all of this and it ensures that you achieve measurable business outcomes. Most of all it frees up your entire workforce, from top to bottom, to collaborate more effectively, make faster and better decisions, deliver higher levels of service, and achieve greater results.