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Data Storage

Everyone organisation is storing data - some are perhaps storing far too much! But hardly any of them are leveraging the value held within their data. 

To ensure that organisations are able to leverage their valuable stores, they need that data to be stored in a way that will enable them to quickly and accurately access and analyse it. Data storage must be highly-available, functionally-rich, flexible, secure, and cost-efficient. 

Business Benefits:

  • Work smarter. A software-defined storage solution creates smarter interactions between workloads and storage. 
  • Achieve agile storage consumption. SDS supports emerging and traditional IT consumption models. 
  • Gain control and efficiency. SDS provides the agility, control, and efficiency needed.
  • Acquire real-time scalability. Provision storage on-demand. 
What is software-defined storage (SDS)?

What is software-defined storage (SDS)?

Software-defined storage is a storage architecture for a wide array of data storage requirements based on a set of software and hardware components. SDS is a model that encompasses traditional and newer types of workloads, and is optimised for interoperability across many hardware and software solutions. In short, it provides increased flexibility for you to investigate, consume, and implement different data storage options and better harness data for greater business insights. 

Business Benefits