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Driving transformation in the data centre

Digital transformation is disrupting business in every industry. Smart organizations are applying technology to build new business models, processes, software, and systems that bring connectivity and visibility into every aspect of their organization. To do this, they need to collaborate closely with IT leaders to develop the environment, resources, and technology solutions required for digital business

For many enterprises, this re-evaluation will begin with an in-depth examination of their data centers, which are among the most strategic of technology assets. This is the reason that the data center has been arguably the most dynamic hotspot for innovation and activity within the IT ecosystem. 

Business Benefits:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Integrated automation
  • Policy-based automation
  • Supports multi-cloud strategies
Multicloud Data Centre Solutions

Multicloud Data Centre Solutions

The emerging “distributed data center” is multicloud. It consists of infrastructure resources that are on-prem – core, in the public cloud and at the edge. The transition is being driven by distributed applications supported by distributed processing. These applications consist of services that included hosted SaaS components, traditional applications, and edge workloads. As a result, the definition of “on-prem” will expand to include private clouds, edge computing, edge data centers, and hybrid infrastructure in addition to ROBO, COLO and centralized data centers.

The majority of change required to help enterprises achieve a greater competitive advantages and operational efficiencies will occur at the edge. This change will occur across industries. Many of the changes are designed to enhance the customer experience, improve product and service offerings and reduce costs.

Data Centre Transformation