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Loss Prevention

Employee and customer theft cost retailers an estimated £34 billion annually, or approximately 2% of their annual sales.

When you add on increasing rents and decreasing foot fall, it's no wonder those shops with tight margins are now finding it even tighter and are closing at record rates. Using technology to counteract theft is nothing new for retail; electronic tags, CCTV, and increased security are all commonplace, but do little to curb the trend.

In reality, retailers today need a solution which will give them unprecedented stock visibility and accuracy, reducing shrinkage and fraudulent returns and increase sales. This is where Logicalis can help. 

Business Benefits:

  • Gain stock visibility and accuracy
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Accurate reporting & forecasting
  • Enhanced customer service
Adopting RFID

Adopting RFID

For something promising so much, why has the adoption of RFID been so slow? As an emerging technology, RFID was expensive to deploy and provided only a handful of the benefits afforded by more modern solutions. Data integration also hindered widespread adoption, with many companies unable to align their data strategies with their technology. 

Now, modern RFID is now easier to deploy and more cost effective. What was once a cutting-edge solution is now proven and readily available to retailers. Logicalis partners with Keonn to offer solutions that custom fit a retailer's operation and to build a deployment roadmap which will generate proven ROI. 

Logicalis works closely with our retail customers to understand their end-to-end supply chain and identify key areas for improvement. We then work alongside suppliers to build in efficiencies to help scale wide-spread roll outs. 

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