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Loss Prevention

Employee and customer theft cost retailers an estimated £34 billion annually, or approximately 2% of their annual sales.

When you add on increasing rents and decreasing foot fall, it's no wonder those shops with tight margins are now finding it even tighter and are closing at record rates. Using technology to counteract theft is nothing new for retail; electronic tags, CCTV, and increased security are all commonplace, but do little to curb the trend.

In reality, retailers today need a solution which will give them unprecedented stock visibility and accuracy, reducing shrinkage and fraudulent returns and increase sales. This is where Logicalis can help. 

Business Benefits:

  • Gain stock visibility and accuracy
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Accurate reporting & forecasting
  • Enhanced customer service
Getting started

Getting started

Logicalis brings a depth of experience in systems integration and managing and exploiting enterprise-wide data. With over 20 years history in data management and analytics, Logicalis has the ability to consult across all operating models and advise on relevant technology support.

To find out how Logicalis' RFID solution can deliver immediate detection of missing items, reductions in false alarms, loss prevention and product identification, while improving store aesthetics and enabling more accurate stock management and analytics, get in touch today.