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Smart Campus

UK Colleges and Universities are under more pressure than ever before. Competition is rife, and students are increasingly demanding more from their chosen schools, while HE institutions are fighting against an ever-dwindling budget.

With technology playing an integral role in a student's day-to-day campus life, it's time to put the network to work to improve the student experience. Institutions can learn more about student welfare and safety, class attendance, and even increase student retention, by relying on a digital network to automate and analyse behvaiour. 

Business Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Increase student retention rates
  • Increase student & staff security
  • Reduce time spent on manual student registration and analysis
AI and Your Business

AI and Your Business

With complex environments such as AI, it is important to make the right choice of partners in order to be ahead of competition. At Logicalis, we understand the challenges of AI and can deliver a range of AI solutions with meaningful impact to your business. From inception to delivery, our expert team will partner with you to make sure you fully understand the solution and every step involved.

You’ll be taking advantage of a network of partner relationships we have established over the years. We are qualified to the highest standards to deliver professional services with various partners specialising in AI.

 Areas of focus include:

Contact us to discover how you can leverage artificial intelligence to maximise value for your business.