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The Logicalis Webinar Academy is your central point of contact for current topics and challenges facing IT leaders today. Our expert panelists will help guide you and shape your organisation's digitisation, cloud, network, security, and data centre journeys. You can find a full listing of past and upcoming webinars below, but if you're looking for a specific topic that you don't see below, get in touch. 



Logicalis Always Optimised: AppDynamics - The Application Intelligence Platform

In today's digital world, your applications are fundamental to your business, and user experience is a key differentiator or critical risk for customer satisfaction. Logicalis, in partnership with AppDynamics, can help you understand how application performance impacts your customers and your business. 

Businesses need more than simply applying an APM tool. Organisations now need an Application Intelligence Platform that provides a unified and correlated view of business performance, user experience, and technology performance. 

Join us on Thursday, the 4th of June at 10:00 am for this live webinar. Mario Mattioli, Digital Performance Consultant at Logicalis UK will share how to:

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Past Sessions: 

 Higher education

Campus 360

Networks are the digital fabric that turns a University campus from a set of buildings into a rich, connected learning & living experience. Connecting tens of thousands of people, and hundreds of thousands of devices, the network has turned into an asset that all stakeholders have a connection with - it is so much more than a set of wires. Join Chris Gabriel, Director of Technology for Logicalis UK, to learn how a new generation of adaptable digital networks are starting to change the reality for what's possible, and helping progressive Universities re-imagine what a truly smart, connected campus can be. 

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Working from home, securely.

A global pandemic has seen most businesses faced with the challenges of supporting a remote workforce almost overnight. While we're beginning to see signs of a return to offices, many companies are reporting that remote working is here to stay. So how can you ensure that your employees and your corporate systems and data are secure, without hampering user experience and productivity? Join Ricky Magalhaes, Director of Security, Logicalis Channel Islands, and Richard Gaudin, Commercial Director, Logicalis Channel Islands, to find out what simple steps organisations can put in place to adapt with change quickly and securely without losing sight of a longer-term security strategy. 

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Simplifying Cisco ACI through automation. 

Join Neil Thurston, our Chief Technologist, while he discusses and demonstrates how automation can be used to simplify and speed up the provisioning and change management of Cisco ACI networks. 

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