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In this together

Now is the time to build greater connections than ever before. But where do you start? 

Read our infographic to understand how you can ensure you’re in the best position possible to support new collaborations and build strong relationships.

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Keeping you connected

Lately, many of us have been sharing our desk with a very different set of co-workers. Here at Logicalis, we understand that there may be a few more interruptions than usual. 

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COVID-19 Business Response

At Logicalis UK, we have been monitoring the spread of COVID-19 closely, and have proactively implemented procedures to minimise the effects and protect our customers, partners, and employees. 

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Customer Continuity Response

Logicalis UK has mobilised our specialist teams to provide assistance to our customers as they deal with a range of pressing challenges both in the short term and in the coming months.

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Architects of Change

As Architects of Change, we design and deliver our customers’ digital transformation by bringing  together their vision with our industry knowledge and deep technological expertise. 

We embrace and shape change to improve our customers’ competitiveness and efficiency, keeping them relevant in the digital economy and directly contributing to their success. 

Our Vision
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With a strong global footprint

Global reach, worldly solutions. From our worldwide locations, we offer high-level services and sustainable solutions that sit on the curve of technological change – combining deep technical expertise with cultural empathy to identify and solve problems others have yet to see.

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05 Mar 2021

Building Your New Normal

The global pandemic is far from over but we can see a flickering light at the end of the tunnel, so it’s time to start planning and building what post-pandemic normal is going to be. There have been plenty of opinions published on what the ‘new normal’ will look like – some claim it’s the death of the traditional office and others expect things to be pretty much as they were before. The reality is, as ever, going to be somewhere in between and we have many takeaways from the last 12 months of lockdowns to draw from, things that worked and things that didn’t.

09 Feb 2021

IT Transformation, Digital Transformation – Its all just transformation, right?

Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation; it has been a buzz word for a number of years now and a focal point for many organisations. IT Transformation on the other hand gets little limelight and is something that is often forgotten in business discussions, but it has a major role to play in the digital journey. So why is it so out of fashion?

01 Feb 2021

Head in the clouds? Elastic consumption of technology is the way forward

If you’re uncertain about how to build the digital platform that takes your business to the next level, consider the benefits of being able to quickly scale your cloud resource up and down to meet your technology needs.

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